Advertising Rugby League

To promote the ongoing Rugby League Nordic Cup I was contacted by the Swedish manager to do their poster. The day after it was published on Facebook, the Danish manager called me up and wanted me to do the same thing for Denmark Rugby League.

Sweden Rugby, Photographer Emma Ingolf

Of course I felt honoured and proud, and of course I said Yes. For both of the posters I wanted to capture the spirit of the game. As the Swedish manager put it, the sport is not only rough but also very athletic. The determination of the players is amazing. They would do anything for the game and their team mates.

It is a very quick game and to make sure I got the angles and the face expressions right I needed to make the players act as though they were in a battle even though they were not. I was really impressed of how they managed to pull it off.

Of course I couldn’t make the photos look exactly the same even though they needed to breathe the same spirit. To separate the teams I took advantage of the colours in the flags. Sweden got the blue sky, the blue water and the yellowish grass. For Denmark I let the sky burst into red and instead of focusing on the grass I used whitish sand. Automatically there was also a separation in the use of the elements of water and earth.

Danmark Rugby, Photographer Emma Ingolf

From both teams I experienced a great deal of trust in planning and executing everything from the photo shoot to the finishing layout of the poster. I got great response from both managers after delivering the result.

Paul Briggs, Manager Sweden: ”A huge thank you to Emma Ingolf and her company – Photography & Storytelling for a great photo shoot. An absolute pleasure to work with and fantastic results. Get in touch for creative high class photos.”

Sweden Rugby League on facebook…

Steven Davy, Manager Denmark: “Even before game day, it has already made us proud. We are really pleased with it.”

Danmark Rugby League on facebook…

The finished posters

Photographer Emma Ingolf, Danmark Rugby League, Sweden Rugby League,

I want to thank both teams for this experience and hope to work with you again.

Photographer Malmö

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